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• 7/29/2015

Timing is everything (or is it)

I find it interesting, and haven't yet figured out yet, what time certain things are reset. For example,

So South Korea is 11 hours ahead of my time zone (EST) and I've noticed the following:

00h00 South Korea = 11h00 EST = Daily Quest, Abyss Dungeon and "Wanted" Bunnies are reset

13h00 South Korea = 00h00 EST = Daily DP spent is calculated and awarded (try to reach 2400 is tough!)

Do you have the same experience and is there a certain time that your PVP Ranking is calculated and awarded ? Anything else time-related ?

Greetz to Minhsue for an awesome guide for helping so many of us :)

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• 7/29/2015

I just had my DP calculated and awarded sometime between 3pm and 5pm EST (was in a meeting) ... and I was aimiong for the 450DP bonus too! Dang...

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