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• 9/29/2015


How to get a good tank? I tried random summoning not working. Should I get 5* and turn them to ethers. Still not sure on how to use it, but I need a tank. Also whick tanks are the best? Maybe I can get enought ethers to get one. :D
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• 10/2/2015

I got a 5* rabbit tank through evolve, but honestly I still feel the 4* Dark Lord free one from story is better. I have him at lv32 4* and has better stats then the 5* wind rabbit one I made.

• 10/4/2015

Get a lvl 40 4* Dark Lord, that will last you for a while.

Afterwards you can work towards getting a lvl 40 5* tanks or 6* Stollen or Tree Guardian.

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