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• 10/1/2015

Force Ether evolve characters

Are these characters better than the random evolves ones?
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• 10/4/2015

Wind lesser is pretty bad, most of use Ether transform his 5* version in order to get a Wind Archangel.

  • 6 Fire demon hunter is pretty much a cheaper version of Water Mafia but still does the job pretty well if you dont have an aoe defense debuff.
  • 6 Water lady is a very good unit in order to take out tanks that are using Taunt/Absorb (or even both!). 

As for Kampanu, the idea of focus is nice but the fact that it only last 1 turn makes it less viable as you need to make sure to deal a ton of damage in order to kill the focused units. (Pray that the enemy team doesn't have an awesome healer, which is highly unlikely)

• 10/8/2015

There's  also Dark Shield Princess, which a ton of people love (mostly for looks) but is mostly useful for the skill share.

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