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Welcome to the Retimo Adventure Wiki!
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Welcome to the Retimo Adventure Wiki! Here you will find information about units and other information about the game. Help make this wiki expand and be helpful to everyone who needs it.

Retimo Adventure is a new RPG developed by Maui Games and published by Eyedentity Mobile

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& Events

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Please see the in-game news for more info.

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Please help out and contribute information, pictures, etc. about everything in the game and help this Wiki grow!

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Retimo Adventure - Official game trailer

Retimo Adventure - Official game trailer

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  • D Man o3o

    A message from the founder.

    December 26, 2015 by D Man o3o

    Hello. I am D Man o3o, the founder of this Wiki. To sum it up, this game got way to big for my phone space wise and I had to delete it and never re-download it. Because of this, me and Linathan, who also stopped, have not been around much, nor have we contributed much anymore. Keep in mind though, …

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